Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Reasons I Love Donald Trump

He shows us that people are angry with the problems in America. Unfortunately, many seek satisfaction in political rhetoric rather than substantial solutions.

He is entertaining. Never can I remember the political landscape being this hilarious. Unfortunately, its not a joke.

He is revealing. The religious endorsements rolling out indicate loyalties to the political process more than the power of the gospel.

He reminds me that God is in control of our nation. Israel wanted a king, they got Saul. Daniel 2:21 reminds us that God, “removes kings and raises up kings”. I’m praying God is merciful and doesn’t give us what we deserve.

He shows how short people’s memories really are. In just a matter of months Trump went from pro-abortion to pro-life. He went from supporting liberals to leading conservative polls.

He’s exciting. Trump always keeps it interesting. He works media like a yo-yo and dominates the headlines. No matter whether one likes “The Donald” or not, we all must admit he is the buzz everyone is talking about.

He’s great. Just watch, he will tell you. If you don’t believe him then just ask him. He will tell you again.

He unveils the depravity of human hearts. Trump can disrespect war heroes, women, immigrants, dignitaries, religions, and evidently anyone else he wants. The more he insults people the more he rises in polls. This reminds me that we are all easily distracted and desperately need a Savior.

He exposes deep-seated fears. Many brothers and sisters in Christ are eager to support Trump because they fear that is the only way to beat Hillary. What ever happened to doing what is virtuous? Prayer? Trusting in the sovereignty of our omnipotent God? Remember the words of our Lord, “Do not be afraid.”

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